Товарни бусове под наем
Passenger Vans
Товарни бусове под наем
Товарни бусове под наем


Brands / models of Passenger Vans for rental :
MERCEDES VITO 5+1 seats / 8+1 seas

  • Driving lessons : В
  • Seats: 5+1 seats / 8+1 seats
  • Doors: 4
  • Audio : PIONEER + USB
  • Year: 2010
  • GPS: Garmin
  • Fuel consummation : 8-10 l. diesel / 100km
  • Clima





The rental price with limit of kilometers in order to offer customers the lowest initial value of the transaction. We can offer individual price depending on the destination and duration of employment.

Requirement for rental and driving a cargo van:
The client must have a valid driving license (Cat. B) for at least two years and passport or identity card.

Price exclusive :
full 24 hours rental and driving
Insurance for driving responsibility for total Europe
Insurance for damages of the driving vehicle
Vignette for Bulgaria
GPS navigation
GPS Tracking
Winter Equipment: Chains, if necessary
Free parking for private cars to customer’s cars
Granting power of attorney for use abroad

Цената не включва:
delivery or pick up
Insurance of damages of the transported goods

Terms of payments:
in cash : when hiring
with credit card / debit card : when hiring, with authorization for deposit
Bank wire transfer : in advance

Deposit :
We take deposit 100 euro for the fuel inside the vans. You take the vehicle with full fuel tank , and need to return it full tank to get deposit refund. If not : price of the used fuel is according the actual prices.

For any question you can contact us at :
+359 877 313111 / 0877 313113 / 0877 313112